About Our Cacao Business Accelerator

As we have immersed ourselves in a world of cacao, we hear the strong intention of the indigenous peoples of the Mayan nations to reclaim and share this medicine with the world in the proper way.

Many cacao businesses are appearing and so they should, but they also should be run properly while respecting the many ancient cultures for whom cacao is sacred.

Our way to support this message is this completely FREE Cacao Business Accelerator! We invite current and future cacao entrepreneurs & business owners to join us on a 5-week journey of exploring a way to create an explosive cacao business while remaining sustainable, acknowledging cacao's millenary tradition, and working in collaboration with indigenous people (NOT against them and their true messages)!

The Accelerator Program 

Join us on a completely FREE 5-week journey for cacao entrepreneurs and business owners and let's join forces! The Cacao Business Accelerator starts on Sunday, July 3rd, 2022! Work hand-in-hand with the founders of the Mayan Wisdom Project and members of the collective Chinimital del Ka'kaw, who are top experts in the field!

Open up the opportunity to network with other players in the authentic cacao world, receive support and community in your business journey, and get access to our top strategies and tips for sustainable business success!


Apply for This Completely FREE Accelerator Now!

The Cacao Business Accelerator start on Sunday, July 3rd, 2022! The classes will be held once every Sunday at 9 AM Pacific Time (12 PM Eastern Time, 6 PM Central European Time).

The application phase ended on June 30.

Cacao Business Accelerator


Application phase ended

  • Access to 5 live group sessions (around 1 hour each)
  • A one-on-one 30-min session to analyze your business with Solveig Barrios (Co-founder of the Mayan Wisdom Project)