About Our Cacao Partnership Program

Our Cacao Partnership Program is a space designed for cacao business owners to join forces and support each other. 

From networking, to problem solving as a group, to accessing professional marketing materials, and a profound education on the sacred cacao medicine, this program will have it all!

A space to truly take your cacao business to the next level, while finding the ways to work ethically and close to the source of the indigenous wisdom keepers of the Mayan nations, who have a millennary connection to cacao.

The Program

Join us on a 5-month journey of getting to know the sacred medicine of cacao and exploring a revolutionary way to do business. Our program starts in August 2022! Work hand-in-hand with top experts in the field of cacao, from business and financial advisors, to spiritual leaders, farmers, and cacao producers! The Partnershop Program will give you access to everything you could imagine in the world of cacao and boost your business to the next level while helping you do it ethically and building a relationship with the indigenous communities of Mesoamerica.

This is what you will receive by joining:


By the end, you will...

  • Have a true and profound understanding of the world of ceremonial cacao
  • Have learned everything from cacao's historical, agricultural, spiritual, and cultural ways
  • Have all of the secrets of how to work with cacao from farm to shop, and how to bring immense value to your clients
  • Have talked to licenced financial and business experts, and learned both about modern business and the revolutionary ancient ways of ethical and sustainable business
  • Have a clear path and access to incredibly valuable tools to take your cacao business to the next level
  • Be held in your journey by a community full of support, ideas, and opportunities that will make your path wider!

The Incredible Teachers You Will Meet

Become a Partner

The Cacao Partnership Program will start in August, 2022. And we are very serious about the process of choosing who can participate, as we will be truly commited to working together and becoming fruitful as a group.

Our mission is to explore incredible new ways in which business can be done as a community, and we need to make sure that everyone in our group is very serious about that vision. For that reason, there is a thorough application process to be approved for the Cacao Partnership Program.

The application phase has ended.