20-Day Cacao Challenge

A community experience of healing! Join us on a 20-Day journey that will change you relationship with cacao and help you release fear, anxiety, low vibrational emotions, improve depression, and better the response you have to the negative situations of your life. Receive:


A 20-Day Community Journey With Cacao From November 27!

We want to invite you to explore the way in which cacao works by joining us on a 20-Day Cacao Challenge guided by Solveig Barrios, starting on November 27!

Cacao is a sacred plant that has been used by the Mayans for millennia to create healing, well-being, and support in the community. Words do not suffice when it comes to covering the rich history, impact, and benefits of this medicine. Our team has been on a decades long journey of research, and they are still uncovering new mind-blowing information about the ways in which their Mayan ancestors used this medicine. 

A symbiosis with the entire universe, a tool for healing, and beneficial for the health of the Earth, the animals, and the human community are descriptions that only begin to explain cacao.

Are you in love with ceremonial cacao? Are you interested in starting to drink cacao to benefit from its incredible properties? Either way, this challenge is for you!

We will go on a 20-day virtual journey together, and will meet for 45 minutes daily to share a cup of ceremonial cacao (which we will send to your home). But not only that, we will send you a list of ancient recipes that the Mayans used for preparing their cacao for millennia. Recipes used for healing, to give strength to warriors, and to enter a state of transformation.

In our challenge we will go over the 20 sacred energies, make the recipe of each energy, and heal from within. On December 18 we will close with a sacred cacao ceremony guided by our Ajq'ijab' (Mayan spiritual leaders) and Aj Kakaw (guardians of the wisdom of cacao) from Guatemala.


About the Challenge

Why the 20-Day Cacao Challenge?

We could keep going with the benefits because here is the thing, there are very few areas of life cacao doesn't help with.

It crosses the blood brain barrier and regulates dopamine and serotonine, which are the happy chemicals! It doesn't only make you feel a heart opening, it literally contains aminoacids and fats that improve blood flow and relax the muscles.

It puts your body in the perfect state between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being!


Receive 1 Lb of Ceremonial Cacao 

Our Ka'kaw Chinimital is made by a cacao collective called Chinimital del Ka'kaw, which is formed by people of four Mayan nations: Q'iche', Kaqchikel, Q'eqchi', and Tz'utujil. Their mission is clear: To make the authentic practices and wisdom of cacao available to their community and to the world. The collective is formed by Ajq'ijab' (Mayan spiritual leaders), Elders (spiritual leaders who also play the role of guides and leaders), cacao farmers, historians, cacao transformation experts, Texel (grandmothers in charge of guiding the process of production of cacao), and more members of the community. 

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Pricing & Important Information

The 20-Day Cacao Challenge starts on November 27, 2022! And we will be sending you our beautiful ceremonial cacao hand-made by an indigenous collective located a the border between the Q'iche', Kaqchikel, and Tz'utujil Mayan nations in Guatemala. The cacao is made in Sololá, Guatemala, blessed by Mayan Spiritual Leaders, not one machine is used in its process, produced by an indigenous owned business, made with love and following the traditional and spiritual steps guided by Ajq'ijab' (Mayan spiritual leaders).

The daily sessions will last around 45 minutes and always start at 8 AM Pacific Time (11 AM Eastern Time, 5 PM Central European Time). All participants will also have access to the recordings of our daily sessions, in case you can't make it to every single one of them live.

We will ensure that our cacao arrives in time for the challenge. Therefore, registration closes on November 7, 2022!

20-Day Cacao Challenge

$97 USD

One-time Payment

  • 1 Lb of Ceremonial Cacao made by an indigenous collective in Guatemala
  • Access to the 20 live group sessions guided by Solveig Barrios
  • Access to the recordings of the sessions for 1 month
  • A list of original ancient recipes connected to the 20 energies of the Cholq'ij Calendar used by the Mayans for millennia
  • So much transformation!