Uncover the Ancient Mayan Secrets to Healing

You can discover the missing link to holistic health in the Mayan Wisdom Academy. So what is the Academy you may be wondering...
It is a membership where you will have the opportunity to work with authentic Mayan spiritual leaders who have dedicated their lives to perfecting and sharing healing practices. Along with their expertise, you will gain access to our incredible community of Academy members. 

What Will You Experience in the Mayan Wisdom Academy?


Our mission is to make the ancient teachings of the Mayans accessible by putting them all together in one place (and you won't find them anywhere else).

Here’s what you’ll receive when you join the Academy…

Video Courses 

You’ll have access to our extensive collection of video courses so that you can watch them on your own schedule.

You get to decide when to start your path and, each month, you’ll get access to new on-demand content.

Practical Exercises

This experience is not about theory. We provide practical exercises so you can put what you’ve learned into action in your daily life and experience honest change. Through these exercises, you’ll achieve deep healing that can’t be accessed in other ways.


There is incredible importance and power in connecting your body, mind, and soul through taking the time for yourself. You will get access to new meditations each month that are designed by our spiritual leaders to help you connect with yourself and the universe on a much deeper level.

Live Webinars

Every month, we host a live webinar with our incredible spiritual leaders. This is a unique opportunity to interact with them, and you don’t even need to travel to Guatemala to access their wisdom!

Members-Only Community

Our community is made up of souls on a journey. It is home to those who want to know and understand more - and are on the journey to do so. Together, we experience life, uplift one another, and share revelations on our journey to holistic health.

You can access all of this for $1 -  Your first month is on us!

We know you're going to be blown away by what you learn in the Mayan Wisdom Academy because our members stick around month after month.

Take Advantage of This $1 Offer Now!

What Benefits Can You Expect? 

+MUCH MORE! Honestly, the benefits of our Academy are too many to list.

We know, we know... it sounds too good to be true! But it's not, and we don't want you to take our word for it. Our 30-day trial for only $1 is our way of showing you how incredibly deep this experience can be. 


The Academy Is a Unique Opportunity to Learn Authentic Mayan Wisdom

All of the teachers are spiritual leaders from indigenous communities in Guatemala! Our goal is to share with you the true ancient Mayan wisdom. 

Since You Can Try It Out for 30 Days for Only $1, Here Is an Outlook for the First Month of the Academy:

Video Course

Introductory course "The Secret Wisdom of the Mayans" with renowned Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios.

Video Course

"An Introduction to the Mayan Calendar" + its effect on your personality with Tata Juan Manuel

Practical Exercise

A guide to healing and mastering the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies with Elder Carlos Barrios


A guided meditation for the healing and restoring of the physical body written by Elder Carlos Barrios


A live webinar with a special guest + access to ALL of our past webinars in which we discuss a variety of Mayan topics

All of this for only $1!
And that's just the beginning. Our members stick around month after month, and if you stay you will unlock new content every month!


Who Will Be With You in This Experience?

Meet our incredible panel of true indigenous, Guatemalan spiritual leaders. We are deeply honored that they are sharing their knowledge and time through this program. It is time that the world has access to their incredible wisdom.

Tata Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel comes from a legacy of spiritual leaders as his father and grandfather worked with Mayan spirituality. He has been head of several sacred institutions, which makes his work key in the preservation of the Mayan wisdom.

Nana Calixta

Calixta is a Mayan spiritual leader with 35 years of experience, who has traveled around the world working with organizations such as the UN in the spreading of indigenous spirituality. She is also a poet who empowers indigenous women through her words.

Tata Carlos

Carlos Barrios was one of the most renowned Mayan Elders in the world. In his 45 years of experience, he wrote two books and traveled the world sharing Mayan wisdom. Before his passing he left us a video course with his last teachings. 

Tata Juan

Juan and Miguel are twins from Chichicastenango. Juan specializes in the path of the Mayan underworld. Which means he is an expert in transmuting negative energy to help people heal from the toughest illnesses  and blockages.

Tata Miguel

Juan and Miguel are twins from Chichicastenango. Miguel follows the path of the Mayan upperworld and specializes in healing people through the teachings of the sacred Cholq'ij. Currently he mainly works with the healing of babies and children.

What Are Academy Members Saying?


Zandra I Sweden

To join the academy has been life changing for me. I didn't know how lost I was until I joined this. Together Solveig and the spiritual leaders teach you something new that will bring you a new understanding of yourself but also about life itself. New perspectives that bring new ways of thinking and tools for healing.

Stephen I USA

I joined the Academy and have been thrilled with it! I am learning another way to look at myself, other people, my surroundings, the Earth and the universe. People who want to develop their awareness of themselves and how they fit in the world and the cosmos will love this program.

Karen I Ireland

What a great resource and project this is to help bring these ancient teachings to the world. I joined the Academy and got my own personal energy reading which was so accurate, in-depth and insightful. It was really awe inspiring. I recommend this project and what Solveig is doing to everyone!


Some of these testimonials were shortened.

Are You Ready to Access the Holistic Health You Deserve?

We firmly believe you deserve a life free of pain and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages. You can find the missing link that brings your life into balance and gives you profound wholeness.

And you can start achieving those things today for only $1!

We know you're going to be blown away by the content offered in the Mayan Wisdom Academy. And we want everyone to have the opportunity to experience it.

Now is the time to let go of all that’s holding you back.

It’s time to find mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

It’s time to learn how to attract and claim what you want in your life.

It’s time to find balance in your life.

It’s time for you to embrace absolute wholeness within you and achieve holistic health.

And we’re here to help you do it.


Claim Your 30-Day Trial for Only $1 Now!


Monthly Membership

USD $67

Per Month

  • Unlock new life-changing video courses each month
  • Monthly live webinars with Mayan spiritual leaders
  • Monthly guided meditations to help you connect with higher wisdom
  • Monthly practical exercises to help you integrate this wisdom
  • Commune with like-minded individuals in our members community

With your purchase you get immediate access to the Mayan Wisdom Academy through our website. 

You will have a 30-day trial for our monthly membership for $1 USD. If you don’t cancel your membership during the trial period, you will be charged $67 USD and get access to the content of Month 2 on the day your trial ends.

From then on, a charge of $67 USD as well as unlocking of new content will occur on a monthly basis.

You can cancel your membership at any time before your next payment occurs. Only then your subscription ends.