Our private sessions will open up an opportunity for you to get personalized guidance on your journey of self development. We want to give you access to our unique network of spiritual leaders, whose expertise in the ancient Mayan wisdom led them to become the keepers of the knowledge in the indigenous communities of Guatemala. This is how we do it:


We offer different types of sessions with our spiritual leaders. Read about our services and choose the one that resonates with you. Once you do, book the service of your choice in the "Pricing" section. 

Set it up

After your purchase we will send you an email with more information about your session. At this point we will ask you to choose a teacher, set up a date and time, ask if you need a translator, and answer any questions you may have.

The session

In your session you will work with a Mayan spiritual leader on your individual needs. The session will show you the magic of Mayan practices and reveal exactly what you need to do, in order to create progress on your journey of growth and healing.


Mayan Chart Reading

The Mayans developed an ancient chart of energies that can be read by our spiritual leaders. It allows you to discover the purpose of your life, dive deep into your strengths and weaknesses, find beneficial practices personally for you, and get guidance.

Helpful if you want to: 

  • Discover your passion or general life path
  • Get to know yourself at a deeper level
  • Discover your life's purpose
  • Make sense of the messages and teachings life is trying to get you to understand
  • Work on your weaknesses and heighten your strengths

Tz'ite' Reading (Divination)

The reading of the sacred Tz’ite’ is an ancient technique of divination. It allows you to ask specific questions about life decisions, relationships, your projects, health and much more. It will give you guidance and help you find the right paths.

Helpful if you want to: 

  • Figure out the solution to a current problem
  • Ask advice on current events
  • Inquire about the paths you should follow in the near future
  • Ask about relationships with others
  • Get answers to questions from the past, present, and future

Advisory Session

We offer a therapy like advisory session in which you can share your feelings and problems with our spiritual leaders. Through their deep expertise and many skills, they will be able to help you get clarity on the problems you may be having. They might use tools such as the tz'ite' or the Mayan chart (altough this will vary depending on style of the session).

Helpful if you want to:

  • Share and release difficult emotions
  • Talk about your problems in a safe space
  • Receive advice through indigenous wisdom and views

Sacred Fire Ceremony

Fire ceremonies are an ancient Mayan practice that connect us to the sacred energies of our reality. They are used as a way to express gratefulness, ask for help, unblock yourself and your projects, get rid of negative energy, and much more.

Helpful if you want to:

  • Clear blockages and release negative energy
  • Unclock your vision, intuition and other spiritual gifts
  • Get energetic protection
  • Unblock a business, project or goal
  • Ask for the health and wellbeing of a family member or friend
  • Work on your physical, mental and emotional health

Mayan Cacao Ceremony

Authentic cacao ceremonies help us enter a state of trance, in which we can revise our emotions, body, mind, and spirit. They open our heart and give us tools for healing, spiritual protection, and releasing. They create connection and unite us with the wisdom of our Elders. 

Helpful if you want to: 

  • Have deep cleansing and healing
  • Raise your vibrations
  • Release fears and traumas
  • Have a deep opening of the heart and connection to the energy of love
  • Manifest a better version of yourself
  • Enter a state of clarity and create profound solutions 


Responsios are a very ancient practice that allow us to connect with the ancestors of our family lineage. The Mayans do this at least once a year to give a spiritual feast to those who have transcended, keep those channels nurtured, and help them be at peace. This is a practice of reciprocity, as we bring something to them, we naturally cleanse our own energy.

Helpful if you want to: 

  • Have a deeper connection with your ancestors
  • Honor the people in your family who have transcended
  • Clear the energy and close up unfinished conflict with someone who has transcended
  • Thank your ancestors for your existence




Tz'ite' Reading

USD $297

  • One-on-one Tz'ite' Reading with a Mayan spiritual leader (including simultaneous translation from Spanish to English if necessary)

Mayan Chart Reading

USD $297

  • One-on-one Mayan Chart Reading with a Mayan spiritual leader (including simultaneous translation from Spanish to English if necessary)

Advisory Session

USD $297

  • One-on-one Advisory Session with a Mayan spiritual leader (including simultaneous translation from Spanish to English if necessary)

Sacred Fire Ceremony

USD $397

  • Private Fire Ceremony with a Mayan spiritual leader (including simultaneous translation from Spanish to English if necessary)

Mayan Cacao Ceremony

USD $397

  • Private Cacao Ceremony with a Mayan spiritual leader (including simultaneous translation from Spanish to English if necessary)


USD $397

  • Private Responsio with a Mayan spiritual leader (including simultaneous translation from Spanish to English if necessary)

Group Fire Ceremony

USD $97

Once per month we host a private group fire ceremony to which you can buy an individual spot. Our next one will take place on May 28!

  • 1 group fire ceremony with a Mayan spiritual leader (including simultaneous translation to English) 
  • Petitions - You can send us five petitions and the guide will work on them during the ceremony. Simultaneously there will be a moment in which we will focus only on you and the whole group will be sending you energy.

Limited: 4 spots open


Bundle of 4 Sessions

USD $547

Per month, over 2 months

If you want to work with our spiritual leaders at a deeper level, our bundle of 4 sessions is for you. You can work with the same spiritual leader or different spiritual leaders in your sessions.

  • 3 private sessions - you can make a personalized choice of sessions and arrange to have any mix of tz'ite' readings, mayan chart readings, and/or advisory sessions 
  • 1 ceremony - choose between a Mayan cacao ceremony or a sacred fire ceremony

Premium Membership

USD $1,697

Per month, over 3 months

Embark on a 3-month journey of guided transformation. Solveig, the founder of the Mayan Wisdom Project, will personally walk with you through every step of this process.

  • 6 one-on-one sessions/ceremonies with Mayan spiritual leaders (with Solveig Barrios present and translating)
  • 4 one-on-one sessions with Solveig Barrios
  • BONUS: 12-month membership in the Mayan Wisdom Academy

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