Our private sessions will open up an opportunity for you to get personalized guidance in your journey towards self development. We want to give you access to our unique network of spiritual leaders whose expertise in the ancient Mayan knowledge led them to become the keepers of the wisdom in the indigenous communities of Mesoamerica.

We will set up a personalized program for you and make sure that you get exactly what you need to help facilitate your journey.


Private sessions can include

Reading of the Mayan Chart

The Mayans developed an ancient chart of energies that can be read by our spiritual leaders. It allows you to discover the purpose of your life, dive deep into your strengths and weaknesses, find beneficial practices personally for you, and get guidance.

Tz'ite' Reading (Divination)

The reading of the sacred Tz’ite’ is an ancient technique of divination. It allows you to ask specific questions about life decisions, relationships, health and much more. It will give you guidance and help you find the right paths.


Sacred Fire Ceremonies

Fire ceremonies have been used by the Mayans for millennia as a way to practice gratefulness, ask for help, unblock yourself and your projects, get rid of negative energy, and much more.




The spiritual leaders we work with are trained in a variety of practices and can help you in more than one way. In your sessions you will have the chance to work with them in different areas or learn more about the ancient Mayans.


Fill in the form below to let us know what type of guidance you are looking for and give us your contact information.

We will contact you to explain everything you need to know before you begin your journey. Then we will set up an individual plan that meets your needs.

You will have a call with Solveig Barrios, the founder of this project, in order to discuss your plan. Once we understand your goals and needs, we will help you find the right spiritual leader who can guide you through your process of growth.

We will schedule a one-on-one call with the spiritual leader of your choice, in which you will be able to start to open up your path. This includes simultaneous translation if necessary.

After that you will have a recap call with Solveig, in which you can discuss your process and continue your inner work. Also, at this point you can choose to set up your next month if you desire to have another session with your spiritual leader or meet another one.

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Nana Calixta

Calixta is a Mayan spiritual leader with 35 years of experience, who has traveled around the world working with organizations such as the UN in the spreading of indigenous spirituality. She is also a poet who empowers indigenous women through her words.

Tata Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel comes from a legacy of spiritual leaders as his father and grandfather worked with Mayan spirituality. He has been head of several sacred institutionswhich makes his work key in the preservation of the Mayan wisdom.

Tata Juan

Juan and Miguel are twins from Chichicastenango. Juan specializes in the path of the Mayan underworld. Which means he is an expert in transmuting negative energy to help people heal from the toughest illnesses  and blockages.

Tata Miguel

Juan and Miguel are twins from Chichicastenango. Miguel follows the path of the Mayan upperworld and specializes in healing people through the teachings of the sacred Cholq'ij. Currently he mainly works with the healing of babies and children.