Our private sessions will open up an opportunity for you to get personalized guidance on your journey of self development. We want to give you access to our unique network of spiritual leaders whose expertise in the ancient Mayan wisdom led them to become the keepers of the knowledge in the indigenous communities of Guatemala.

Our Premium Package is a personalized program for you and contains private sessions, a group event and access to the Mayan Wisdom Academy.


Mayan Chart Reading

The Mayans developed an ancient chart of energies that can be read by our spiritual leaders. It allows you to discover the purpose of your life, dive deep into your strengths and weaknesses, find beneficial practices personally for you, and get guidance.

Tz'ite' Reading (Divination)

The reading of the sacred Tz’ite’ is an ancient technique of divination. It allows you to ask specific questions about life decisions, relationships, your projects, health and much more. It will give you guidance and help you find the right paths.

Sacred Fire Ceremony

Fire ceremonies are an ancient Mayan practice and connect us to the sacred energies of our reality. They are used as a way to express gratefulness, ask for help, unblock yourself and your projects, get rid of negative energy, and much more.


The spiritual leaders we work with are trained in a variety of practices and can help you in more than one way. The sessions are not limited to the three options above as we can go into different forms of teachings and types of guidance.


Intro Sessions

You will have two introductory sessions with Solveig. She will take a look at your Mayan chart and you will work together to understand exactly who you are, what are your strengths, weaknesses and challenges in life. Once we understand your goals and needs, we will choose a spiritual leader together, who will be most suitable to work on those and help you in your development. 

Main Session

In this session you will work with a Mayan spiritual leader. Depending on your individual needs we can go deeper into your Mayan chart, do a Tz'ite' reading, or have a private fire ceremony. This session will show you the magic of Mayan practices and reveal to you what exactly you need to create progress in your journey of growth and healing. At this point you will get a lot of clarity and your path will open. 

Group Fire Ceremony

You will participate in an exclusive sacred fire ceremony with other Premium members. In this group event you can interact with the spiritual leader, who will know all of the participants and ask for their well-being and healing during this sacred practice. You will also get the chance to make personal petitions and requests that the spiritual leader will ask for during the ceremony.

Extra Sessions?

If you want to dive even deeper, we give you the option to add one extra session with a Mayan spiritual leader when purchasing your package. You can choose to see the same leader twice or meet different ones, in order to work on other areas of life, spirituality and healing. Our spiritual leaders have different specialties and you can benefit from this variety of knowledge. 

Recap Session

After your session(s) with the spiritual leader(s) you will have a recap call with Solveig. This is beneficial because you will get to ask any questions that may come up after letting the eye opening revelations of your previous sessions sink in. You will continue your personal work, as Solveig will give you more guidelines and extra tools that will help you on your journey. 

Want More?

Of course you will always have the chance to continue working with us by purchasing a new package with private sessions. Keep in touch with the spiritual leader who helped you the most or meet another one. Expand your knowledge and go deeper into a journey of ancient Mayan wisdom. Working with our spiritual leaders on an ongoing basis will help you achieve anything you want.




Nana Calixta

Calixta is a Mayan spiritual leader with 35 years of experience, who has traveled around the world working with organizations such as the UN in the spreading of indigenous spirituality. She is also a poet who empowers indigenous women through her words.

Tata Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel comes from a legacy of spiritual leaders as his father and grandfather worked with Mayan spirituality. He has been head of several sacred institutionswhich makes his work key in the preservation of the Mayan wisdom.

Tata Juan

Juan and Miguel are twins from Chichicastenango. Juan specializes in the path of the Mayan underworld. Which means he is an expert in transmuting negative energy to help people heal from the toughest illnesses  and blockages.

Tata Miguel

Juan and Miguel are twins from Chichicastenango. Miguel follows the path of the Mayan upperworld and specializes in healing people through the teachings of the sacred Cholq'ij. Currently he mainly works with the healing of babies and children.

Premium Package

USD $1,197

One-time Payment

  • One-on-one session with a Mayan spiritual leader (including simultaneous translation from Spanish to English if necessary) 
  • 3 one-on-one sessions with Solveig, the founder of the Mayan Wisdom Project
  • Access to an exclusive virtual fire ceremony for Premium members only
  • 12-month membership in our academy (value USD$804)

Limited: 1 spot left



During the checkout process you will have the option to add one extra session with a Mayan spiritual leader to your Premium Package.


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