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Have you ever wondered what is the missing piece? The thing that could help you understand yourself and the universe at a deeper level?

We all had our failed attempts at achieving growth, healing and evolution. There are different reasons this can happen, but there is one thing that the Mayans know: There is a way to connect with your true self and become the designer of your personal reality. An emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually healthy person.

But how do you get there?

In the Mayan Wisdom Academy we share highly efficient ancient healing techniques and offer step-by-step guides on how to transform your life.

 Work closely with  authentic indigenous spiritual leaders from the Mayan communities

 Get a complete guide to Mayan wisdom through information accessible in only one place

 Achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth with the help of experts


Becoming a Part of This Project Will Be Beneficial if You:

  • Want to manifest the best version of yourself and improve your life
  • Want to find answers about life and existence
  • Are in the search of spiritual awakening and revelations 

These Are Just a Few of the Things You Will Gain:

  • Inner balance in every plane of your personal existence
  • Support from people that are in tune with your life goals 
  • Access to knowledge on how to grow in all aspects of life

What Makes Our Content So Valuable:

  • Unique teachings that have never been shared with the world before
  • Mayan spiritual leaders are usually inaccessible outside of Guatemala
  • Authentic ancient wisdom that has been passed on for thousands of years



Tata Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel comes from a legacy of spiritual leaders as his father and grandfather worked with Mayan spirituality. He has been head of several sacred institutions, which makes his work key in the preservation of the Mayan wisdom.

Nana Calixta

Calixta is a Mayan spiritual leader with 35 years of experience, who has traveled around the world working with organizations such as the UN in the spreading of indigenous spirituality. She is also a poet who empowers indigenous women through her words.

Tata Carlos

Carlos Barrios was one of the most renowned Mayan Elders in the world. In his 45 years of experience, he wrote two books and traveled the world sharing Mayan wisdom. Before his passing he left us a video course with his last teachings. 

Tata Juan

Juan and Miguel are twins from Chichicastenango. Juan specializes in the path of the Mayan underworld. Which means he is an expert in transmuting negative energy to help people heal from the toughest illnesses  and blockages.

Tata Miguel

Juan and Miguel are twins from Chichicastenango. Miguel follows the path of the Mayan upperworld and specializes in healing people through the teachings of the sacred Cholq'ij. Currently he mainly works with the healing of babies and children.


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Video Courses

Follow the teachings of renowned Mayan spiritual leaders. Uncover a variety of courses about everything from the origin of reality to human self improvement, based on the ancient teachings and wisdom of the Mayans.

Live Webinars

Get access to monthly webinars with the most renowned spiritual leaders of Mesoamerica. Discover how to master your full potential by learning the wisdom and techniques of the ancient Mayan culture.


Unlock new guided meditations every single month. They are created with the purpose of  developing your spiritual awareness and connecting you with your four bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Practical Exercises

Turn your learnings into action and find your true self! We guide you through a variety of ancient Mayan exercises that will lead you towards the healing of your past, present and future.

You can start your path in our academy at any time and get access to new on-demand content every month


Become part of our exclusive community and share with other members of the academy



We are making our unique network of Mesoamerica's most outstanding spiritual leaders available to you! Their life long work and dedication to the Mayan practices have led them to become the keepers of sacred knowledge in the indigenous communities. 

Our mission is to change lives for the better and for this reason we give you access to one-on-one sessions with them. Begin a journey of absolute healing with the guidance of experts who can open the path for you, based on your personal goals and needs.



One Year Package

USD $497

One-time Payment

12 month membership in our academy (value USD $804)

  • Monthly webinar with a Mayan spiritual leader
  • Monthly guided meditations
  • New video courses every month
  • Monthly practical exercises
  • Access to our members community
  • Bonus:
    Private reading of the Mayan chart with Solveig

Academy Membership

USD $67

Per Month

  • Monthly webinar with a Mayan spiritual leader
  • Monthly guided meditations
  • New video courses every month
  • Monthly practical exercises
  • Access to our members community







Premium Package

USD $997

One-time Payment

  • One-on-one session with a Mayan spiritual leader (including simultaneous translation if necessary)
  • 2 one-on-one sessions with Solveig
  • Access to an exclusive virtual fire ceremony for Premium members only
  • 12 month membership in our academy (value USD$804)
Limited: 2 spots left
10 spots



Spirituality and ancient wisdom should be accessible to anyone! For this reason we can offer a special rate if our prices are not affordable for you. Tell us more about your situation and we will find a solution.


We believe our content is of very high quality and will help you learn and improve your life. Which is why:

If for any reason our academy doesn't fulfil your expectations, we give you a complete refund within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked! 



Stephen I USA

I joined the Academy and have been thrilled with it! I am learning another way to look at myself, other people, my surroundings, the Earth and the universe. People who want to develop their awareness of themselves and how they fit in the world and the cosmos will love this program.

Karen I Ireland

What a great resource and project this is to help bring these ancient teachings to the world. I joined the Academy and got my own personal energy reading which was so accurate, in-depth and insightful. It was really awe inspiring. I recommend this project and what Solveig is doing to everyone!

Walther I Netherlands

I had a reading of my Mayan chart. It described my current position in life, gave me insight on where to go from here in my current state of being and how to move. A psychologist couldn't have been more spot on. My strenghts, my weaknesses or let's say my vulnerabilities, all explained. Very insightful!


Some of these testimonials were shortened.

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