Transform Through Ancient Mayan Wisdom


We work with 100% indigenous teachers who help you go from being stuck because of fear, self-doubt, and different shapes of trauma to unlearning negative behaviours and beliefs embeded within you - with the help of ancient Mayan technologies and holistic approaches.

So that you can create your reality by mastering yourself and understanding the science that allows you to work with the energies that affect your existence.


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At the Mayan Wisdom Project, our journey with cacao has been very eye opening. The message of indigenous people in Mayan nations is clear: they want to reclaim the use of the medicine that belongs to them!

Many cacao businesses are appearing and so they should, but they also should be run properly while respecting the many ancient cultures for whom cacao is sacred. Our way to support this message is this completely FREE Cacao Business Accelerator! We invite current and future cacao entrepreneurs & business owners to join us on a 5-week journey of exploring a way to create an explosive cacao business while remaining sustainable, acknowledging cacao's millenary tradition, and working in collaboration with indigenous people (NOT against them and their true messages)!


Get Results, Access Profound Authentic Teachings

Our mission is to make the ancient teachings of the Mayans accessible by putting them all together in one place (and you won't find them anywhere else).

Here’s what we offer…

So, Who Are We? 

The Mayan Wisdom Project started as a way to honor the legacy of the renowned Elder Carlos Barrios. And today we are proud to call ourselves the first ones to have made the teachings of the millennary Mayan tradition accesible to the world virtually. Our aim is to create a bridge between these ancient indigenous teachings and the rest of the world. Our number one priority is the healing, wellbeing, growth, and learning of our community. Which is why we pour our heart and soul into each of our offers, which have created 100% satisfaction amongst our members.

And while walking alongside our clients during their journey of growth and evolution, we are also able to support the indigenous communities of Guatemala. In addition to currently sustaining several families we support projects that:

  • Reincorporate cacao as a superfood to help promote better nutrition amongst children (in Guatemala 50% of the children suffer from chronic malnutrition).
  • Use an ancient form of rehabilitation therapy with cacao to aid drug addicts and alcoholics in the indigenous communitites.
  • Support personal causes of financial relief for individuals in emergency situations in indigenous towns.

For this reason, every time you purchase one of our products part of the money goes to the causes mentioned above. The rest goes into the growth of our project so that we can continue to create jobs for indigenous teachers, who recieve a salaries that protect their dignity, and go way above what is paid for this type of work in Guatemala.

Who Will Be With You in This Experience?

Meet our incredible panel of true indigenous, Guatemalan teachers. Our network of teachers, who come from the Mayan nations, ranges from spiritual leaders and Mayan psychologists to cacao experts and researchers. We are deeply honored that they are sharing their knowledge with us. It is time that the world has access to their incredible wisdom.

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What Is Our Community Saying?



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